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Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture Mine City

Turned from a national civil servant / nurse (Ministry of Defense technical officer) to a singer

Name Akiko Iriyama

Birthplace Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Current Address Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture Birthday September 9 Otomeza Blood Type A Job History National Defense Medical College Hospital Nurse

Hobbies Collecting red stamps, visiting hot springs, self-styled books, piano, oil painting

Favorite singer Hibari Misora Sachiko Murakami Sayuri Ishikawa Sachiko Kobayashi Miyuki Nakajima Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi Chiharu Matsuyama Favorite words "Thank you" "Ichigo Ichikai"

[Affiliation office] Wakui Music Office Co., Ltd. [Affiliation label] Teichiku Records Co., Ltd.

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